Welcome to Ruumisauto.fi

Ruumisauto.fi (ruumisauto = a hearse) is established and adminstraded by a private Finnish hearse fanatic. The goal of the webpage and the discussion forum gather together all Finnish hearse owner and those who are interested in these morbid motors. This is not a club, atlest not yet. International visitors, contacts and discussion on the forum are more than welcome!

The English version of Ruumisauto.fi webpage is not yet - and probably never will be - published. Please be patient if you feel like it!

Meanwile you can choose the hearses section from the Finnish edition of the webpage. There you can see the hearse listing.

Click here for a random hearse!


You are also welcome to join the discussion on the forum. Please see the instruction how to register. There is a forum in English specially for the international forum members.

From the downloads you can download Ruumisauto.fi desctops ect.

Please write your message to our guestbook if you feel like it!

latest update: 01/21/18

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