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ViestiLähetetty: Ti 7.8.2007 14:42
AvatarViestit: 4Paikkakunta: Neu-Ulm / GermanyLiittynyt: Pe 3.8.2007 22:59
Hi @ all

my name is Markus i'm from Germany and i have a 1971 Cadillac Superior Sideloader.
I found this forum through a posting at the german hearse board a few months ago.

You can find some pictures of my hearse here:

And here is a small video of my hearse with working sideloader table:

By the way, that was the last time the table worked. After filming this clip it didn't move back inside the car... So that is something i have to fix during next winter.

Poissa Profiili WWW
ViestiLähetetty: Ti 7.8.2007 15:04
AvatarWebmasterViestit: 1701Paikkakunta: TallinnaLiittynyt: Su 13.8.2006 20:14
Welcome Markus!

The sideloader table is awesome! :skullcool:

It is nice to get more international contacts! I've had few hearse contact to Germany and there is also another hearsedriver from Germany registered on the forum (but he hasn't written anything yet).

My Mercedes is bought from Germany. It was a hearse of a funeral home Adolf & Petersen in Flensburg from 1976 to 1987.

Keep on surfing and writing on our Finnish page. There might be two more Cadillac hearses from the 70's on showroom within few weeks. :) I'm also waiting photos of a Toyota Crown hearse and Volvo 700-series hearse.

Raskas työ vaatii raskaat huvit...
MB W114 280 E lang 1976 Rappold alias Kalmanrauta
MB W115 240 D lang 1975 Binz "uusi ruumisauto"
EX: MB W124 250 D lang 1993 Autotransformazione Nord-Ovest, myyty hyvään kotiin, MB W124 250 D 1987
Käyttöautona vm. 2009 Smart W451 Coupé CDI
Poissa Profiili WWW
ViestiLähetetty: To 23.8.2007 23:02
AvatarViestit: 4Paikkakunta: Neu-Ulm / GermanyLiittynyt: Pe 3.8.2007 22:59
Thanks for this nice welcome :)

Sorry for the delay, but i havn't been very much at the computer during the last weeks. I also had problems with my internet provider, my website didn't work for about a week... But now everything should be fine again.

I'll have an eye on the Hearse Gallery ;)

Poissa Profiili WWW
ViestiLähetetty: Pe 15.4.2011 10:37
Viestit: 10Liittynyt: Ke 6.4.2011 11:53
Wie geht´s dir jetzt, Bloodsmurf? Hast du schon mal die Zeit gehabt, auf unsere Leichenwagengalerie zu schauen?
Auf jeden Fall alles Gute nach Deutschland!

Poissa Profiili

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